Far Cry 3 Game

Far-Cry-3-GameFar Cry 3 PC Gametrailer

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/ 7 / Vista.
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0GHz With E6700/AMD-Athlon 64 X2600
  • RAM: 2GB For Windows XP And 4GB For Vista or 7
  • VGA Card: 512MB (NVidia 8800/ AMD HD 2900) Shader Model 3.0
  • Hard Disk: 8GB Up To Free Space
  • Sound: Direct X V9.0C With Windows Compatible.
  • File Size: 4.28 GB


Download Links:

Direct Link:  Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Torrent Link


Release-Title:————[ Far.Cry.3-KaOs ]-
Language:—————–[ English ]-
Archive/Count/Volume:—–[ RAR 74x50MEG = 3.40GIG ]-
Release/Date:————-[ 10-12-2012 ]-
Ripped/Packed:————[ KaOsKrew ]-
Iso/Crack:—————-[ RELOADED ]-
Ripped/Removed:———–[ Foreign Languages, Map Editor ]-
Movie/Recode:————-[ 60% Bik ]-
Audio/Recode:————-[ PreCoded ]-
Texture/Recode:———–[ Rebuild ]-
Drivers/Extras:———–[ DX, VcRedist ]- (Update 1.0.2)


Step-1:——-[ UnRAR Yourself Or Use Our Install.exe ]-

Step-2:——-[ Run ~Unpack~.bat As Administrator To Unpack/Rebuild ]-
( Our Install.exe Does This Step For You )

Step-3:——-[ Click bin/farcry3.exe To Play ]-

Time: Total Install Was About 35 Mins On A Quad-Core [ ]


We Recommend Installing To A Short Path (Like The Install.exe Default)
As Long Path Names Can Cause Missing Files On Certain
Games During Rebuild.
Unless You Changed It The Default Extraction Folder Install.exe
Creates Is C:/Games/
This Is Were You Can Find The Games exe.
If Install/Rebuild Seems To Freeze Leave It Alone.
Install/Rebuild Is Normally Very Time/Space Consuming.
(So Ensure You Have Pleanty Of Space And Patience)

(If you don’t know how to install or have some problems, you can ask me on Tag CONTACT ME)
If you found Download Link removed please comments me i will upload shortly ....
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  1. whats the size bro ?

  2. animeguard says

    is this torrent?

  3. Azad Rahman says

    plz download link kothay pete pari ?????????

  4. Random Downloader says

    Do I have to put all these parts in one folder and then unpack one? If not how then do I install it? The downloading site says that I’ve got to use some special Install.exe whatever and wherever that it.

  5. smit patel says

    how to install?


  7. admin …

    It says “torrent not found” (today).

  8. Thanks its work… 😀
    But can you upload far cry primal&far cry blood dragon plz 🙂

  9. kanter123 says

    You are awesome 1 normal full game and it works great 🙂

  10. look dude i have limited internet and i dont want to download another version that is not saving progres in game..
    i downloaded like 5 versions so far and looked up on youtube for solutions and non of them work..
    so pls tell me is this version saving progres in game or not ?

  11. ^kabutopz says

    Thank u very much..Hope u will not get tired of doing this xD

  12. what is the size of just cause 2

  13. game not starting
    downloaded torrent link
    then start setup
    now it fails to start

  14. errors
    ubiorbitapi r2 loader missing

  15. can u plz make a far cry 4 dowload? 🙂

  16. there is only one setup.exe file in the folder far cry 3 which i hve downloaded from ur link
    and 3 files (data1 data2 data3) bin format
    i hve started setup file but after setup ….. wen i click on far cry 3
    it shows …. ubiorbitapi r2 loader missing
    which file i should unzip ?

  17. the game is working. But, when i quit the game, the saves are gone. Plz help!

  18. weiyi0609 says

    hi, i download the 6 parts but now i have no idea how to install it. the 6 file all have same content.

  19. the version of far cry ?

  20. error
    skidrow.dll is missing

  21. Pls kindly send me the md5 codes of this files. I downloaded all but it couldnt unpack. I suspect a broken file and i can go back downloading frm scratch. So i want to test each zip file with its md5 code. Would also appreciate if u av a better way of doing that. Than

  22. Where do i get the install.exe file?

  23. Can you send wwe 2k17 game

  24. d3d11.dll file missing . would plz send the link to download that missing fine

  25. can we use chilltorrent

  26. Bro can it play in Windows 8.1 pro without any graphics

  27. plz tell how to install
    i m not able to understand from download page plz .

  28. taimur kha says

    Plz upload dragon age Inquisition

  29. i want this game can i get it

  30. skidrow.dll is missing

  31. how to install

  32. Hello

  33. Hello Admin-Hellopcgames can i request here for pc games and softwares?

  34. how far is tis server because i can bearly get anithing over 100kb and my internet can catch up to 50 mb

  35. it says
    Unable to write to C:\Program Files\R.G. Mechanics\FarCry3\bin\MechSet.ini.
    What does that mean???

  36. Tahir ahmad says

    Hello please i wanted to ask if i click on download will it start downloading or ads will start opening

  37. Sushant Kotnala says

    Is there any password for this game to unzip …..plz tell mate

  38. Dude will it work for Windows !0??

  39. Hey admin it was recently showing something MSVCP100.DLL missing when i was executing the game but now it is showing skidrow.dll missing …. plizzzzz help me …

  40. Hey admin it was recently showing something MSVCP100.DLL missing when i was executing the game but now it is showing skidrow.dll missing …. plizzzzz help me …..m

  41. where is the download button there are many buttons

  42. How to install it
    Plz reply

  43. hey bro , i have downloaded all parts . but my archivers says 3 errors ,

    1.volume corupt
    3.file corrupted

    plz help me … i have try it with winrar , barchiver , 7zarchiver … help plz

  44. hey dude my game is fully downloaded but it says ubiorbitapi_r2_loader.dll is missing from your computer

  45. thank you for this and my game working

  46. ISDone.dll is corrected. Or. Unarc .dll error code 14.

  47. havnt your direct download link is r 8?

    why saying download from torrent?

  48. Farcry 3 has not working
    pls help and solve my problem

  49. game install ho gya hai but i am open game then game story playing few minute and
    message show on screen “FarCay 3 has not working “?

  50. okk thanks admin

  51. hello thank you for uploading this. can u please send me the link of farcry 4

  52. hey admin
    far cry 3 not working in my pc . another way to run far cry 3 in my pc
    pls help ?

  53. pls upload sleeping dogs pc game direct link…………. not torrent link

  54. How to install the game

  55. thanx admin………. but this is not direct link .it is torrent link
    pls upload direct link

  56. after download launcher exe is missing

  57. entry point_BinkSetwillloop@8 could not be located in the dynamic plzz help me

  58. It can’t open. Says “could not find suitable display settings!”

  59. Bro I download the game it open and after loading the game is start but very very slowly how I can fixed plz help ?????????

  60. All parts of farcey 3 work and install can i play it with this file

  61. Nice game thnx bro

  62. can u please tell me the encrypted file password

  63. Its working thanks brolll

  64. hello..can i play this game on my laptop ‘dell inspiron 3552’….?please tell me

  65. Hey man,you’ve made a really nice website.It has a lot of world’s best games.But please don’t forget the crysis,rest of the cod,rest of the assasin’s creed games and tons of new ones….great job…….keep it up….!!

  66. how to install the game plz give me link and it is working well……..

  67. it i s working or not

  68. Hey bro it is saying some dell is missing

  69. Will ir run on win 8.1
    Intel graphics
    8GB Ram

  70. Please. Can i play this game on my laptop Acer D257

  71. Please uplode Crysis

  72. this far cry 3 file encrypted?

  73. Please help me when I install it the file will disappear

  74. deez nutz says

    admin is the direct download same as torrent?

    ps. i’m new to this kind of stuff

  75. stuck on 100% ?

  76. It need key words after installation?
    Or it’s free or hacked.

  77. eyesburn says

    Pass please

  78. Eyesburn1 says

    PASS ?

  79. Hey admin.game work fine,thank you for that.but problem is game not save even auto save wont work.have you any sollution for this?

  80. gunjalal says

    bro i want assassins creed rouge plz do upload asap plz

  81. RaJ Hasan Khan says

    Hey man is this game needs internet connection after setup?

  82. hey man I have downloaded the far cry 3 by torrent and when i run the setup after choosing the path to install it is showing “An error occured while loading Unarc.dill!”Solve it please….!

  83. It says part 5 and 6 is corrupted

  84. Please can you upload nfs mw 2012 all winrar parts without torrents

  85. please would this work for a 32 bit laptop?

  86. hy the launcher is missing can you help me..data1.bin was currepted…. can you send me launcher files…

  87. I need a launcher file for far cry 3 .In whch i hve downloaded in torrent in hello pc website.

  88. nice

  89. i need download

  90. My laptop configuration is i5 Prosser windos 10 and graphics card (2450) ram 4gb it will work on my laptop bro plzz say

  91. Launcher file is missing for far cry 3.can u send me the link to download launcher file for far cry 3

  92. whn i click down load its showing 1 mb where is the game dear

  93. ajay thakur says

    Sir can I play on Asus nvidia gt 710 graphic card

  94. If i click far cry icon it shows error like
    unable to write to C:\Progam files(x86)\R.G.Mechanics\Far Cry 3\bin\MechSet.ini
    Please solve the Error

  95. admin i download all part of far cry but the game does not work pls give me solution

  96. i have downloaded the six parts
    what next should i do to install i dont understand the installation theory written on download page
    please reply

  97. What is the version bro

  98. is this the 1.5v pls respond

  99. Thanx bro all games are working



  101. Plz send me the link of farcry 3 uploaded

  102. Win 7 2gb ram i3 processor can i play


    bro , i cant save my progress. please hep me to fix


    game is working good , but wen i quit , saves are gone. Please help me

  105. i have downloaded and installed this game in my pc – wind 7, but when iam try to open, it shows an error that “Far cry 3 is stopped working” Please give me a solution to fix it.

  106. VagrantCobra says

    Is It Working ?

  107. pls what is the password of the winrar

  108. I’m no stranger to torrent when downloading games online but unfortunately when I came upon this website, I faced an unknown problem as I downloaded a game. The files under the folder displays majority as “vlc” file. Need some advice Admin

  109. does this game work in 4 gb ram and pentium g620 and gpu 1.5 gb

  110. Say me how to install

  111. It show error 0xc00007b, I downlaoded dll file pack and placed it and tried to run as admin but it still shows the error and can someone tell me the steps to install the 6 parts

  112. Hey admin when I try to install it . It says there’s no specified isarcextract found plz help me and message me on my email devuaswal740@gmail.com

  113. I download from the direct link and extract it it said its corrupt ! What I can do ?

  114. Hey all the parts has been expired so torrent has correct game or not plzz help

  115. Thanks! This works perfectly. Does this included DLC also ?

  116. debaprasad says

    I had unziping file with winrar but it showing part 3 is error . What to do?

  117. sir shud i extract all at once of should i go by 1 by 1 ? can u please tel me i just downloaded all the 6 parts im confused how to do it now.. please help thank u….

  118. superb game working perfect thank u admin 🙂 can u please upload gta 5 highly compressed pls admin thank u

  119. sir what is the size of this game?

    sir please tell me now.

  120. sir what is the size of this game? sir you not write the size of this in the top of page.

    sir please tell me now.

  121. Can I download it from torrent and it work or not

  122. why i can,t save my game play data. when i close the game and start the game it start from beginning plzzz help me out

  123. after downloading 5gb of data..winrar says these files are corrupt….what the hell

  124. after downloading game in 6 parts..it says 2 and 6 part are corrupt… I downloaded then 2 times but same result both times.

  125. Thanks bro working my laptop hp-ay542tu

  126. hey man I have downloaded the far cry 3 by torrent and when i run the setup after choosing the path to install it is showing “An error occured while loading Unarc.dill!”Solve it please….

  127. bro … after I install all in one runtime it is showing an error occurred while loading unarc.dll

  128. Bro after I install the software . It is showing again the error

  129. Admin bhai maina files ko view Kiya to setup.exe nhi aa rha hai keval iso file dekh rhi hai please help me please

  130. Pls upload compressed version

  131. How to install

  132. The program can not start because XINPUT1_3.dll is missing from your computer the game is not starting please tell me the solution pleaseeeeee admin

  133. Yash Nawani says

    I have downloaded all parts but when I use iso reader all have same files . Do i have to extract only one and play the setup. Or is it compulsory to play setup in all extracted parts??

  134. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is a valuable
    Please help me admin my all games are showing this error message

  135. I don’t know to install it can you upload installation video

  136. I able to download any game from this website

  137. Bro i can’t extract it plz.. Help

  138. how to install this game plzzzz help me i can download the game on torrent

  139. bahi meri help karOO mujha install ka method nae pata

    • sardar bilal says

      how to install this game when i downloaded it already as extract files.but when i open far.cry.3.pc folder then the another folder is written as far cry 3 ps3. is that a ps3 game website or pc. the game wont install. i open alot of folders but i cant find setup.exe plz help me how to install it.😠

  140. which is a password??????!!!

  141. Can u plz provide a direct link for far cry 4 download!!

  142. I am facing a great issue. When i start the game it takes much time in loading. About 15 min. Then game starts. After getting started the game is running smoothly. How to fix the long loading time issue? It is not freezing its just loading.
    By the way I am a big fan of your works. Thank you

    • please increase RAM memory

      • I played this game in my pc 1month ago and it was working without any issue. But unfortunately few days ago i had to format my pc. And new when i am installing the same gaming file it shows such issues. I’ve updated all the drivers,direct x and other gaming components. Ihaveof ram ……I searched many for fixing this issue and i think its not a low ram memory issue because it was loading smoothly earlier in same pc. Even some 8gb ram memory users also facing this issue… please help me to fix it.

  143. bro in which link I want to download

  144. There are only a few wepons available.where are the other wepons?????

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